Traditional Artforms
Handmade products showcasing the cultural heritage of Jharkhand, some art forms vibrant and others adapting to survive in a continuously evolving world.
Intricate products made through the ancient bell metal casting technique
The ancient tribal scroll art form revived with a contemporary touch
Handcrafted motifs from the Sohrai harvest festival find a canvas on a range of decorative and utility products
About Us
Since 2007, Biponi has successfully showcased the unique art and handicrafts of Jharkhand’s indigenous communities.
Volunteers from its parent organization, the NGO Kalamandir, have, over the years, gained the confidence of artisans in deep tribal hinterlands and succeeded in building a sustainable economic model for them.

The profits from the items sold at Biponi directly benefit the artisans and their families. From 23 members in 2009, Biponi now sells products made by more than 200 tribal and artisan families. 
From September 2020, with the covid pandemic causing customer traffic at the store to reduce to a trickle, Biponi has started reinvented itself by going online. With your support we hope that tribal art will continue to flourish in Jharkhand and beyond.
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