The Art of Chhau Mask Making – The Seraikela Way
An Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jharkhand
How are Chhau Masks made?
Chhau masks are made with the papier mâché method of combining paper and sticky mud paste to create the basic form, and painting over with vibrant colors to infuse life into them. 
Raw material
Per dummy base (sancha), 3 kg of sticky mud is used, along with old newspaper and a variety of paints. 
A wooden flat board 18" x 18", a Langli, a Karni, a Bamboo Flex
The Process
3.350 kg sticky mud is crushed with hammer, approximately 1 liter of water is poured slowly over the dust to make tight mix. It is given oval shape with soft hand
Step 1
Top (head) to Bottom (cheek) is divided in 3 parts as follows 4”-2½” -2½”.
The forehead, eyebrow and eyes are covered at 4”, while the nose at 2½”
Step 2
Step 3
Locate a suitable spot below 4” mark and press thumb on it to create a depth of 1”.
Put some paste with a spherical shape and paste it on that cavity. It should look like an eye with artistic dimension, Eyes may not be very accurate in shape.
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