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Vijay Chitrakar
Raised in one of the Chitrakar families native to Amadubi village, Jharkhand, Vijay Chitrakar took an early interest in the Pyatkar legacy, an indigenous story telling scroll art form particular to his region. 
While lack of opportunities and economic hardship forced most of his companions to choose contractual farming and daily wage labor, Vijay persisted with his passion. 
In 2004, he was spotted by Kalamandir which, through Biponi, gave him an outlet to the world. 
Anil Chitrakar
Anil Chitrakar, Pyatkar artist, Amadubi village, Jharkhand. 
The Chitrakars, a community of Puatkar artists reside at Amadubi village in the district of East Singhbhum. Scroll painting depicting scenes from epics, folklore and village life runs in their blood. However, the lack of commercial success over the decades has dwindled their numbers to just a few. 
Enjoy and help preserve their art for generations to come.
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